TOP Gene Technologies advanced mutagenesis techniques dramatically lowers the price of site-directed mutagenesis and shortens the turnaround time. Our proprietary techniques make it far more affordable for research laboratories to tackle research projects ranging from studying the relationship of protein structure and its function, alternating a restriction site in a vector, inserting or deleting vector elements, such as tag addition, tag removal and promoter insertion and exchange. Modifying your DNA sequences in whatever way you want is easier than ever. In general site-directed mutagenesis is performed by PCR to generate mutation, which may result in unwanted mutation in non-targeted region. DNA sequencing of a large part of a plasmid is costly and time consuming. Our mutagenesis service guarantees no unwanted mutation in the entire gene without extra cost. TOP Gene Technologies mutagenesis price is from $170 per mutation. New customers will receive further discount for the first time order.

TOP Gene Technologies offers services in site-saturation mutagenesis library, randomized library and degenerated library in very competitive prices.