TOP Gene Technologies protein services guarantee delivery of soluble recombinant proteins from E. coli expression. With us you contact our PhD professionals directly for hassle-free communication. Our simple, fast and efficient ordering and production systems allow us to provide most competitive prices to our researchers with fast turnaround time.

In comparison to eukaryotic expression system, production of recombinant proteins in E. coli is inexpensive, fast and can achieve higher volumetric productivities. However, protein production in E. coli frequently yields an inactive protein, aggregated in the form of inclusion bodies. The biological activity of the target protein can be recovered by solubilizing inclusion bodies and subsequent refolding process. However, there is no universal refolding recipe for the generation of native protein from solubilized inclusion bodies. For any given protein, the best refolding conditions still have to be determined empirically. Obtaining an active form of the desired protein is costly and very time consuming, which becomes one of the most significant challenges facing a protein biochemist. Our proprietary protein refolding techniques provide solution for this challenge. Our goal is to make protein purification affordable to every researcher. Please consult us for a quote.